Ubmejen Biejvieh

Samiska veckan i Umeå

Programme  Umbejen Biejvieh 2019 in swedish.

Umejen Biejvieh 20 years 2019

2019 is another anniversary year, as for the recent years in Sápmi. Umbejen Biejvieh – Sami week celebrates 20 years. The Sami agency have been and still remains central to Ubmejen Biejvieh with goals of visibility and recognition of the Sami society and the Sami culture. The 20th anniversary celebrates with many events. A core element is the Cultural Political Summit, Kulruvrran ajjagiste (The cultural source), about the scarce conditions and the future cultural policy in Sápmi with the participation of several international indigenous experts. The funding from the Swedish state towards Sami culture is seriously underfinanced. In comparison, the Norwegian state funding towards Sami culture is seven to eight times higher than that of the Swedish state. This means that Sami culture exist on a very fragile basis that limits it´s possibilities.

Sweden is repeatedly criticized for the treatment of its own indigenous people. Primarily, the international criticism is about strengthening the opportunities for indigenous peoples to retain and develop their culture in their traditional land areas, to participate in meaningful and effective decision-making processes at local, regional and national level and to secure Sami influence when decisions are made that affect them. Critics also clearly stress the need for specific legislation, such as ILO169, to protect Sami rights. Såhkie – Umeå Sámi association has therefore taken the initiative, in collaboration with Gíron Sámi Téahter, to a summit with the aim of highlighting, cultivating and creating a strategic long-term direction for Sami cultural policy in Sápmi, as part of the indigenous peoples of the world.

Ubmejen Biejvieh reclaims the City Hall Square throughout the week with giant tepees, forming a central meeting place with a restaurant, where a lot of activities are played out including the important summit. In this year’s program, there are again many activities for children and young people including the joint championships in floorball, which means that many young Sami, the Sami future, visit Ubmeje.
We get to experience the Sami theater’s, Giron sámi teáhter, grand event Circel av Aska, an exclusive anniversary concert with prominent Sami artists in collaboration with Norrlands Opera, the rising star Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen with the band ISÀK, Maj-Doris Rimpis exhibition at Tráhppie and Lars Thomasson symposium with the theme Art is politics. In addition, so much more, including many in-depth elements and discussions.
Såhkie – Ubmejen samien seäbbrie has through UB 2019 created a broad festival celebrating the contemporary Sámi culture with something for everyone. 2019 is also the UN’s year for indigenous languages. Don’t miss the opening ceremony at Rådhustorget which starts the week where we promise something extra.

Gijjtuo / Thank you to all co-organizers and contributors who make this possible!

Ubmejen Biejvieh 2019 can begin.

Finally! Michael Lindblad, Chairman of Såhkie