Tráhppie Cultural Centre

Såhkie Umeå Sami Association long had a vision of a Sami cultural centre. In the year of 2012, that vision became reality with the founding of Tráhppie. Close to Västerbottens Museum, on Gammlia, the unique and ambitious cultural centre stands. Tráhppie, beyond being a meeting hall and the heart of Såhkie, also doubles as a café where traditionally made coffee, coffecheese, gáhkku (sami flatbread) with reindeer meat, graved salvelinus and waffles with cloudberry jam as part of showcasing the Sami culinary culture.

A horn with many branches

Tráhppie is umesami for “a reindeer horn with many branches”, representing exactly what a Sami centre should be.
At Tráhppie we offer Sami handicraft as well as a wide variety of public events like seminars, small art exhibitions and concerts. During the Sami week/Ubmejen Biejvieh, there will be activities all week long both during daytime and evenings! Feel free to visit our gallery here on the homepage for examples of what we have to offer in our store. Buörriebåhtieme! Welcome!