Sapmi Culture Policy Summit

Illustration: Erica Huuva

Sami Culture Policy Summit

6-7thof March 2019 in Umeå, Sweden

The Sami Culture Policy Summit will contribute to the future of Sami cultural policy by raising awareness about the situation of indigenous peoples and the Sámi cultural sector in all parts of the Swedish society. We will talk about how to reach out to new audiences, how to expand networks and create new opportunities for Sami artists and organisations. At the summit we will discuss the future of culture policy in Sápmi and how the Sámi cultural sector can be developed.

The objective is to create a strategic long-term direction for Sámi culture policy in Sápmi, as part of indigenous peoples in the world.

Culture plays a significant part in development of society and strengthening democracy. The role of Sami culture in community building and visibility of indigenous peoples are essential, in line with international experiences. By inviting international and indigenous experts to the summit, we want to explore other perspectives and examples of policy and development.

The Sami cultural institutions in Sweden have the ambition to visualize, problematize and contribute to the understanding about the Sami people. The Sami cultural institutions – Giron Sámi Teáhter (theatre), Sámi Duodji (handicraft), Tráhppie (cultural centre), Sami Library and Gaaltije (south Sami cultural centre), alongside the Mountain and Sami Museum Ájtte, are the main arenas of Sami culture. The funding from the Swedish state towards Sami culture is seriously underfinanced. In comparison, the Norwegian state funding towards Sami culture is seven to eight times higher than that of the Swedish state. This means that Sami culture exist on a very fragile basis that limits it´s possibilities.

Såhkie (organizer) invites cultural actors in Sápmi and the Nordic region, international and indigenous experts, Sami culture organisations and artists, government agencies, politicians, civil servants, researchers and professionals involved in the Sami community. Cooperation partner: Giron Sámi Teáhter

6thof March (11.55 a.m.) – 7thof March 2019 (12.00. p.m.)

Teepees on the main square (Rådhustorget) in Umeå, Sweden. Map

The summit is the central theme of Ubmejen Biejvieh’s 20th anniversary. The Sami week organized by Såhkie.



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