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Umeå sameförening



Welcome to Såhkie Umeå Sami Association!

We are the number one association in Umeå to keep track of Sami events and make them easily accessible to the public. In the menu you will find
– Ubmejen Biejvieh – the Sami week
– Tráhppie – our Sami cultural centre with café
– Current events, our online calendar with activities from both Umeå and Sápmi overall.

Såhkie was founded in 1977  with the main goal of strengthening Sami interests. It’s members are Sami and people who support the Sami. Såhkie works with spreading information about the Sami people and culture. One of many such projects is Ubmejen Biejvieh, the Sami week, which started in year 2000. Såhkie also owns and works with Tráhppie – the unique Sami cultural centre with café and a small store.

Check out the menu to get more information about our different projects and don’t forget to scout the calendar for events that might interest you in particular!

Would you like to become a member?

We welcome members from anywhere in the world as long as you support the values of Umeå Sami association and pay a small yearly membership fee. Contact us directly through email info@sahkie.se or phone for information about gaining membership in the association.